The Rise of the Relique

I would like to know how to get someone to read my book and leave a review for it on Amazon. I have looked into a lot of blogging sites, however, adding my book to the menu isn’t quite free. To get sneak peaks into my book or to watch a video of me reading a segment of it please go to my Facebook page dedicated specifically to “The Rise of the Relique.” It’s also available on Amazon and directly off of the publishers website:




I love fantasy stories. It doesn’t simply end there though. I love all similar genre of movies. I even wake up after having dreams in the same mesmerizing category. I couldn’t evade my mental hard-drive from writing a story of my fantasy.

Writing for days would end with a mental block. I would lay in bed worried that nothing permanent would give me motivation. I would drift to sleep and wake up with a new found booster to my over stressed/under-stimulated brain.

I would dream, when I was pregnant with Leon, of children in my life and those I care about being converted into my book. It happened so often that I couldn’t help but to give in to my moral compass. Each plot, person, legacy, and inevitably, each dimension of my book started to fall into place. I know that my imagination is grand. I know that my genre and storyline are risky. It’s ok though. With risk I have a chance of failure. That’s ok too though.

With risk I have a chance to succeed. My children, my heart, and my integrity are what’s more important than failing. So what if I don’t know what will happen with my work. I’m not supposed to.


The first step to writing was accepting the fact that everything I thought I knew, which was apparently equivalent to nothing, was wrong. The truth is that writing is and always was a passion of mine. However, the fantasy that the passion for writing created in my mind was that it was as simple as knowing the ABC’s. In reality writing, whether it be professionally or merely to use day-to-day, is truthfully difficult when ones thought process is altered into these form of words. I wrote and wrote for hours and essentially days. Often times only to delete my work and start over. After completing the beginning part of my journey, by creating a plot in the form of a book, I realized the second part was the actual beginning.  The real journey starts with phase two. Turning what I created into something that people will actually read. Writing a book means nothing if there isn’t anyone opening the cover. I wanted to create something that truly draws people in and keeps them in. In “The Rise of the Relique” readers will get to experience the many things typically left unexplored and void in plots similar to it’s own. There are a multitude of questions, variant forms of creatures, and lastly multiple main characters: to catch the eye of different genres. Reading is just the beginning, like writing, it takes an imagination. In “The Rise of the Relique” I explore every angle of my favorite fantasies and combined them. That’s when I learned my passion. I mixed up everything I thought I never knew to begin with and created something truly unique.